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Q.   Do you do clinics for schools, and what about private individuals?

A.    Yes, of course we do clinics for all the above. This is our method of not only improving as many people as we can but this is how we are going to change the mentality of shooting mechanics all over the globe.

Q.   How is it that you can maintain such a high level of excellence yet most of the basketball players on the planet are average?

A.   Its all a matter of who holds the keys to the information, and how the information is used. There's no way I can shoot 99% from the line with inadequate or sub-par information that only allows me to shoot at 70%. Knowledge is power. Its not a matter of God blessing a person to be a greater shooter than anyone else. God blessed all people with all the tools they need to realize the level of excellence they seek.

Q.   What is the "Smartball Shooting System"?

A.   Its an investment in self-improvement . It makes up the whole shooting system that provides perfect scientific knowledge to shoot perfect numbers. I have used these principles, many of which are secrets to the rest of the world because some of the information is revolutionary, that no other shooting coach ever talks about.. It covers in depth scientific principles that must be followed. Coming soon is  a shooting ebook you can download on the web and it is dynamite and loaded with great and enlightening information.

Q.   What is the name of the "book" you are working on?

A.   I am thinking along the lines of "Great shooting: from Mystery to Mastery". Something along these lines. I can say this, there is more than 50 pages just on the mind, the sub-conscious, the conscious, the unconscious as well as the conscience. Very powerful terms to become familiar with. In fact, in all honesty I can say that I am really not any more gifted than the next person, but the one thing that separates my success from my competitor or opponent is that I have the advantage of complete knowledge. Well, maybe not complete, but I know it is 99% powerful. I am seeking the 1-2% factor that causes my own human error.

Q.   Why so much emphasis on free throws?

A.   Because it is the focal or pivotal point of all shooting. Since about 65% of games are won or lost on the line in the last 5 minutes, I would say this makes them very important. If you are working on perfect shooting form then the FT line is where you should be spending most of your time. Or would you rather spend time dunking, or heaving shots from half court. Remember that a jump shot is just a free throw, except you are jumping before you do your free throw. Simple huh! Also, free throw shooting mechanics are an extension of the lay-up, the hook shot and any outside shot. The actual hand manipulations on the ball are very much similar. This is covered more in depth somewhere else.

Q.   Do you plan to do evaluations of individual shooting problems?

A.   Yes. absolutely. For a $100.00 fee, you send us a 10 minute video up close from the chest up and zero in on the shot from all four sides, front, back and both sides. we don't care about legs. They have little to do with great shooting. I have never made a shot with my legs. They are a small part that warrants no thought process. So we don't bother with them. Sounds scary huh. How come I shoot 99%. Do you think the legs do the shooting for me? NOT.  Visit for more information!

Q.   Why have shooting percentages plateaued or stagnated for many years?

A.   Great question. Because the teaching or new knowledge has all but ceased. Makes sense. Nothing in-nothing out. The blind lead the blind and they all fall in the pit. That's an actual scripture. Never thought hoops could be a spiritual experience, did you? The players need information that fixes problems. When you are sick and you are unsure of the ailment, usually the doctor informs you of the problem and how to correct it doesn't he? If you can't fix it you stay sick. You get the picture.