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Secrets To Perfect Shooting Principles
The best investment any serious basketball player will ever make! Shooting Instruction DVD showing over 20 scientific principles that must be followed to become a highly efficient shooter. Specifically aimed at improving free throw shooting, which carries over to better 3 point shooting as well. It is a very comprehensive study on the finer principles of shooting with finesse and touch. The methods shown here leaves very little guesswork in the free throw shooting process and will create a mechanical robotic consistency. This DVD stresses the importance of 'body control' of the finer muscles and neutralizes the importance of the larger muscles which have little to do with great free throw shooting and accuracy engineering. Running Time: 60 minutes
Shooting Secrets T-Shirt
Combo Pack - Save $10 BOTH DVD'S
Smartball Shooting System
Secrets To Perfect Shooting Principles
The Shooter's Lab: Developing Great Shooting Skills