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The Shooter's Lab: Developing Great Shooting Skills
This DVD is devoted to drills to develop the finer shooting muscles which are so critical to superior shooting. The difference between great and mediocre is just an inch or two. The major muscles provide power and the minor muscles furnish the finesse and accuracy engineering. It is really difficult to teach young children scientific and almost robotic mechanical movements when their bodies lack the strength to control body parts. The most important part of great free throw shooting in the anatomical nature of players is in the fingers and arms. The fingers provide the radar accuracy and control but it takes complete knowledge and applying this information to perfect the shooting mechanism. Running Time: 60 minutes.
Secrets To Perfect Shooting Principles
Smartball Shooting System
The Shooter's Lab: Developing Great Shooting Skills
Shooting Secrets T-Shirt
Combo Pack - Save $10 BOTH DVD'S